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I’ve been so fortunate to work with Bryce as my amazing hockey skill coach since I was 12. Over the years, he has prepared me well, from playing with the boys at the Bantam level to playing for Team Canada at the national level. His attention to detail and meticulous coaching style have helped me to sharpen my skills and improve my game year after year.


Thanks to Bryce’s coaching, I’ve had the opportunity to play for the Provincial team and Team Canada for two consecutive years. Whenever I have an upcoming competition, the Nationals or the World Championships, I call upon Bryce to help me fine-tune my skills and work on the finer details. I’m so grateful for all he’s done to help me become the player I am today.

Morgan Jackson, Team Canada U18 2022 &2024

"he teaches them accountability, respect, self confidence"

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"Had we not had Bryce this spring and the amazing training for contact hockey I would not have my son playing at the level he is as a fear of safety. Bryce not only taught him how to play contact but how to protect himself on the ice at all times this is not something that can be taught in a day or two. It’s a fast hard game and as a parent to a smaller sized bantam boy his spring program made the difference with playing at this level. 

Builds a bond, my son was asked as well as a few others from the spring team to come play Tier one with the Comox team, my son and his teammates from the spring program did not want to separate and chose to stick together as Tyees because when you spend time with the same kids they learn loyalty and form a bond which is amazing to have your child be apart of, if we didn’t have Bryce’s program we would be forced to separate.

So in closing please consider that Bryce knows our kids he has worked with many for awhile and has been the difference in who they are as players and people because he isn’t just teaching hockey he teaches them accountability, respect, self confidence and personal growth our community needs this not only does he have the best program it keeps our kids local. 

Thank you for your time,
Nicole Gagnon 

" focusing on individual skill development"

This camp provided the opportunity for young players to receive intensive professional training, focusing on individual skill development that they do not receive during the minor hockey season where there is a lot of focus on team play.  


Kai’s attendance at Bryce Cockburn’s Next Level Training camp and specifically the Bulldog camp has been a real boost to his skill.  This is his second season playing atom development hockey with CRMHA and this has been made possible by the excellent training he has received here with the Next Level Training programs and we really would like to be able to continue to access this level of hockey training here in Campbell River. 


Last season players from other communities travelled here to attend these camps and the demand for these camps continues to grow here in Campbell River.

Eamon Miyagi

"He’s an incredible coach and he makes each of us better players”

Over the past few years Bryce Cockburn and Next Level Training have become increasingly involved in Minor Hockey in Campbell River.  As a direct result our players are becoming not only more skilled athletes, but also more passionate.  Bryce, his staff and his program have benefited almost every player in the Campbell River Minor Hockey Association.  


Last year we were thrilled to take part in the Next Level Training Spring Hockey program.  Our oldest son, who has always played rep hockey, was so excited to finally have a local spring program that our family could afford and didn’t require an immense amount of travel or money to participate.  This program developed our sons skills immensely.  And he had an incredibly fun time as well.  In his words “Mom I wish I could play Spring every year for Bryce.  He’s an incredible coach and he makes each of us better players”.  


We have so many families here in Campbell River with athletes who wish to pursue the sport to the next level.  However because of our geographical location and more modest financial bottom lines for local families most can not participate in Spring Hockey Programs.  NLT has given something special to our community and our athletes.  They’ve offered a way for our small town players to gain the skills required to compete with the larger cities who have many training options at the fingertips.

Sincerely Danielle Bell

"We are very lucky to have Next Level Training in the region"

We signed up for the Next Level Spring Bulldogs Spring program with the hope of building her confidence going into this season. Our expectations were exceeded. She excelled in the program and built much more confidence 

Both Cate and her brother participated in the Next Level Rep Prep program and Cate made Atom A this year while her brother is playing rep for the first time at the bantam level.


We are very lucky to have Next Level Training in the region and the spring program in particular is perfectly placed to help players develop the skills and confidence necessary to progress. In hockey we are having enrollment and retention problems, particularly with female players. Next Level Training is an excellent program to help maintain the health of our local hockey associations


Thanks for your consideration,


Steve Shaver MD, PhD

"We only wished we lived closer to take advantage of more of your camps"

Kristin Hocking

Hey Bryce,

I just wanted to thank you for everything last week. Connor had an amazing time and learned a lot. Connor isn’t a big fan of power skating or skating development and it’s what he needs the most. The way you ran your camp was truly amazing and we have seen so much improvement from Connor. Honest, he didn’t even know it was a skating development camp! Your balance of drills and such was perfect.


Also, on the last day, Connor asked me if he could come and say thank you and good bye to all the instructors because they were “so awesome”! We only wished we lived closer to take advantage of more of your camps. You are doing some pretty amazing things and I just wanted to let you know how much Connor enjoyed the week! J Also, on a side note, my dad was very impressed with your camp and coaching and has been telling everyone. I was too, but I think it means more coming from a hockey guy, than a mom ;)


Thanks again! We will definitely be back next summer!




"Improving his skills and self-confidence on the ice"

Karine Siah

Hi Bryce, 

My son took part in both Atom camps this August and I really wanted to thank you for helping him improve his skills and self-confidence on the ice, while having lots of fun also. He reached his goals and is pumped about the new season about to start. 

Thanks for bringing the best out of those kids!


"Our son had a fantastic experience"

Sean Gill

Last spring, we had the fortuitous opportunity to be involved with the inaugural Bulldog's Spring league team co-ordinated by Coach Bryce Cockburn in Campbell River. Our son had a fantastic experience throughout the Spring season as Coach Bryce creates a first-rate learning environment for the boys both on and off the ice. 

Not only did our son's hockey and skating skills improve dramatically, his confidence, both offensively and defensively, flourished under Coach Bryce's coaching structure and methodology. There is a heavy emphasis on both individual skill sets as well as structured team play. This solidified a lot of the fundamentals of hockey for our son. 

We look forward to any future opportunity for both of our boys to be involved with future Bulldog teams. 

"they're building more than players they build character too"

Nicole Gagnon

This camp could be at 5am and my son would jump out of bed with a smile on his face to be there. He comes away with more than new or polished skills, CONFIDENCE nothing more I could want from camp they're building more than players they build character too!! Thank you

"high level of expertise they bring to the ice every day"

Rebecca Leigh Fahey

My son River (15yrs old), started doing these camps over 5 years ago and then even began helping out when he got a bit older!! Now he's off playing at the next big part due to the great instructors and high level of expertise they bring to the ice every day!!

"one on one attention they receive."

Jeanine Bendickson

I can't say enough positive things about our experience with Next Level Training. My son is busy attending his 4th camp with NLT, and midway thru, as usual, we are seeing huge improvements in his skills.
Bryce and his coaching staff truly instill a confidence in these kids through encouragement and the one on one attention they receive. 
At the end of every NLT hockey camp, my son leaves with his head held high and a new love for the game. We will be taking part in Bryce's hockey camps for years to come!

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